Meet the team


Entry Fragger / Support
Owner of RE ACCE. Eddie “Edmeister360” Mc Kenzie (Age 29) Started playing CS:GO in November 2016, after Technodoggy convinced him to move away from Battlefield 4. His gaming started when he got his Playstation 1 (PSone) in 2000 and has been a console gamer until 2009 when he bought his first budget gaming PC. After a few years the PC got outdated and he moved back to console gaming in the form of the XBOX360. In 2016 he bought a ASUS gaming laptop and that is where his love for PC gaming ignited again. Edmeister is FOX’s Entry, but yet he is a very versatile player as he can play any position and use any gun given to him, he knows his SMG rush B and even how to support with an AWP. Eddie is also an Ex-Rugby player, but due to an injury he moved over to PC gaming so he could live on the sports to more of a digital form, he also has a special talent for figures (hence his accounting career) and IT. RE ACCE is the MGO for his accounting firm RE Accounting and Services (Pty) Ltd. The reason we started RE ACCE was to help promote E-Sports in South Africa and to bring more awareness of what this game has to offer. His vision for RE ACCE is to become one of the well-known names in E-Sports South Africa and promoting E-Sports and players while doing so. He thoroughly enjoys CS:GO specifically because of its team work, as you can not play without the support of your teammates.


Marco “TechnoDoggy” Mc Kenzie(Age 22) Has been gaming all his life, where he would rotate between PC and Console. He only started playing CS:GO in 2016, where he would play for fun, but then decided to take things to the next level, as he searched for recruiting teams. He played for Band of brothers for a few months then moved over to RE ACCE. Techno is RE ACCE’s lurker, its a new challenge for him as he is a very aggressive player,yet he does a great job. Techno is also known as “TechnoDodgy” as he lands pretty insane shots that seem almost impossible. Techno has a serious love for editing and designing things, he enjoys any challenge given to him so he can learn something new everyday. He also has a special musical talent where he can sing and play a variety of instruments (Mainly the guitar, ukulele and the piano).


Istvan "Crovax" Swart(Age 26) started playing counter-strike at the end of last year. He loves the game because you can always progress in skill level, and get better and better the more you practice. Crovax's talent is that he can sing, otherwise he plays counter-strike. "My vision is to become part of a csgo family to build and to improve as a team."


Second Entry/ Support
Steven "WallaB" Shorter (Age 25) WallaB started playing PC when he was about 11 years old and began playing CS:GO around 2015. His favourite gun is the AK-47 and it’s not because of the accuracy, but for the skins. His Hobbies are fishing, camping, and playing some rugby now and then with friends, but his talent is sleeping late :P. He joined RE ACCE because he wanted to take a step further in the game. Playing competitively with a team that had a great passion for the game.


Jan “Fires” Jansen van Vuuren (Age 30). I Started playing CSGO about 2011 and Started Gaming as a little Kid on Sega Systems and TV Games, When I was about 9 years old I Started playing on my first computer, and since then I only played Pc. My favorite weapon is the AK-47 because of its 1 tap head shot kill potential, and once you have the spray down, its just awesome to play with. My Hobbies at the moment is Fishing and going Off-roading with the Motorcycle. I play CS:GO because it’s a highly competitive game that needs teamwork and co-ordination, And I like to push myself to see what is the best I can become, And it’s just a fun game and the more you play it the more you will love it, Most of my friends play CS:GO ass well so it fun playing with them. My Vision For RE ACCE is to help and see it grow into a well known Organization that is respected in the E-sports Community. My Vision for me as player is to develop my skill to the best of my abilities, That I can be on my best performance to support my team and help take them to the Top.


Kyle "Bishop" Ferreira(Age 30).Started playing CS:GO in December 2014, although he played CS 1.6 way back in the early 2000's. He started gaming in the early 90's before being old enough to go to school on his cousin's SEGA console. Occasionally he'll go paint balling, fishing or play MTG. He plays CS:GO simply because it's something he can do to escape from reality, spend time with friends and push the limits of his human reactions. “I believe RE ACCE is only touching the tip of the iceberg, and that they will have a major effect on the growth of the e-sports community in RSA.”
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