Meet the team


Michaela "KaylabearQ" Taylor (Age 21) Started playing CS:GO in 2016. She loves to swap between Entry and Awping. Her very favourite gun is the AWP. Her hobbies consist of photography, knitting, gaming, editing and singing. Kayla plays CS:GO because it relaxes her after a long day of work. She wants RE ACCE to be one of the well-known MGO’s in SA, that people will look up to. “I want to be the best that I can be for everyone, to help guide people and to always support everyone where I can.”


Secondary Awp/Vice-Captain
Nita "Phoenix" Boshoff (Age 21). Started playing in November 2017. She loves the outdoors and dancing. Her favorite gun is the AWP. She first heard about CSGO when she met her best friend KaylabearQ who showed her how the game works, the first time she tried it she couldn’t stop. She joined RE ACCE when Edmeister added her to his clan as they helped her into her role. She aspires to become a professional gamer one day and help others where she can.


Ashleigh "Bloo" Powell (Age 29). Started playing CS:GO in 2016 when her boyfriend Geemax introduced her to the game. Her favourite gun is the Codgun. Bloo also studied fashion so she has quite a creative background and can also design/make shoes and clothes as well as textile designs. CS:GO has a lot more to it than shooting people, that’s why she likes the game dynamics to the team building behind the scene. She sees RE ACCE competing alongside BVD and Leetpro and to be recognized as the team to go up against. “I want to grow as a player and improve my skills to the point where my team can rely on me even in those sticky situations 😜 I want to be one of the best”.


Support/ second Entry
Lizmari "Lizzy" Van Eeden (Age 32).


Lara "Icecream" Lombard


Alicia "Darkangel" Van Blerk (Age 25). Started playing CS:GO in 2015. She is a professional Bomb carrier and nade specialist. Her favourite gun is the Mp7 it is very accurate for a small gun. She does judo where she came second in 2017 common wealth and first in SA. She plays CS:GO because it is a way to let the real world disappear. Her goal is to play really good and to improve her skills.


Roelien "Pixar" van Dyk(Age 21). Has been Playing CS:GO for a year and a half. Her favorite gun is the M4A1-S. Her hobbies are watching series, sleeping, eating and of course solving puzzles. She loves the CS:GO community for the people who are fun to play with. "my goal has always been to become a Master Guardian, but now that I have reached that, my next goal would be to become a Distinguished Master Guardian."


Second Entry
Sasha Morrison (Age 24) Has been playing CS since 2013, her favorite gun is the AK-47, because there is nothing better than one taps!
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